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We are research driven learners what we exactly mean by that is we are utilizing the research about the working of human brain in the field of education and at the core is “Learning how to learn by utilizing brain friendly ways of Teaching & Learning?” Our focus is how learning can be made interesting, enjoyable and delightful. We are for to learn more thoroughly and permanently. We are for increasing the student’s effectiveness, intelligence, creativity and problem solving skills. We are for eliminating blocks and limitations of behaviour that sabotage a student’s natural brilliance. We inculcate in student’s confidence, self-belief, high self-esteem and curiosity for learning by believing in the principal THERE IS NO FAILURE. ONLY FEEDBACK / LEARNING.
We strive for accelerating learning for students, which means accelerating the speed, quality, comprehension, creativity and power of student’s mind. This means enhancing the most distinguishing features as a human being – LEARNING. It means learning to use the human brain with more precision, focus and control. We strongly believe that we learn best when relaxed, motivated, intentional, focused, playful, happy etc.
We are dedicated to the goal of developing in students a robust competitive mindset. Cross & Climb focuses on providing coaching to students for board and various entrance & competitive examinations.


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School Timings are


7:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Class 11th & 12th

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Class 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th

8:15 AM to 3:45 PM


Our Qualities


Committed Team

A highly competent, dedicated and experienced faculty along with administrative & support staff with timely guidance of learned advisory panel………..committed Team Cross & Climb.


Experiential Learning

Experiential learning through brain-friendly ways of learning and teaching with latest and innovative neuroscience research based tools and techniques are the key features at the cross and climb Rohtak.


Outcome Based

A prestigious and highly paid careers by enabling students to realize their potentials to the optimum level i.e. Making The Eligible Entitled.



Effective methods of teaching and techniques of improving student’s mental capacities of concentration, confidence and positive attitudes which floats with them throughout their wheel of life.

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